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Double O Farms



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A curated box of products grown and produced right here in the great state of Nebraska!

  • Includes a variety of premium steaks*: Ribeye, NY Strip, and the Flat Iron which was developed at the University of Nebraska Lincoln!
  • Our family favorite ground beef burger patties - two packages of 3 patties
  • Round steak* for the perfect chicken fried steak
  • Minute steak* for those quick, last minute week night meals - 4 minutes steaks
  • Single animal dry aged ground beef - two 1lb packages
  • Tom's Steak Rub - a home recipe from a hardworking ranching family in the Nebraska Sandhills. Use on pork, steak, eggs, literally anything 
  • Three jars of pickled products from Ely Farms in Grafton, Nebraska 

*Steak selection subject to change based on availability. 

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